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2023-09-16: APP 2.0.0-beta23 has been released !

Improved performance again, CMD-A now works in macOS File Chooser, big improvement for bad column cosmetic correction, solved several bugs

We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...

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Needs fresh install to lunch

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Since a certain amount of time, APP had hard time lunching. Now it needs a fresh install to lunch. I cannot remember the last version that hadn't this problem. I think it was before the star reduction tool. I have windows 10.


Do you have any idea whats going on?


Thank you!


Edit: Once APP is running, I don't have any problem.

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Interesting, could it be that you have security running that somehow prevents APP from launching? Like a virus scanner or maybe folder protection in Windows Defender? Although then I wouldn't expect a fresh install to work. This must be a system related issue as we have no reports of APP showing this behavior.

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Hi @jawknee,

Which version of APP are you using? Have you tried the latest APP 2.0.0-beta17, it has an updated installer compared to earlier versions. To be sure, please do not install both 1.083 or earlier and one of the 2.0 beta's together on your system. The windows registry can't deal with this and can give problems exactly like this. So if this is the case, remove all APP versions that are installed and then install the latest available version from our download page😉 and let us know if all is okay then.