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Problem with Automatic Integration - Speckles  


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February 28, 2020 17:29  


I just tried 1.077 using Ha/OIII/SII data from 4 sessions and using the new "Automatic" Integration method. 

The result is that the final integrations have lots of black speckles when you zoom into the image. 

I re ran just the integration step using Average and Median and the speckles are not there with these methods.

I have a file for each integration method but they are too big to upload at 38MB each so have put in Dropbox here

Also, it would be good to know what settings the Automatic option chooses when used - for example its nice for it to choose Median or Average depending on # frames but I would always want to use Quality.  





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February 29, 2020 23:14  

You can always use the quality setting, although these settings are not saved , yet. But I guess it shouldn't cause black speckles even on automatic. Thanks for notifying and I'll let Mabula know.