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Odd CPU and RAM Usage after APP Procesing  


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February 28, 2020 17:47  

This is an odd one.

After using 1.077 to do pre-processing (Steps 1 to 6) I noticed that the CPU was still running almost flat out and still using 3GB RAM.

I closed APP and there was no change. The attached image shows Task Manager AFTER I had closed APP - apparently still running.



I had to kill the APP task in Task Manager to clear the issue.

There was an odd thing happened during processing which may or not be related - I clicked the "GL4" button top left of screen to see what it did whilst running one of the steps (Calibration I think but not sure). The step kept running but the processing log in the centre of the screen went blank between clicking the button and starting the next step.



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February 29, 2020 23:10  

That's odd indeed, I'll check if Mabula can see if this is somehow normal or not. 🙂 Thanks for reporting!