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Offer "Yes to All" and "No to All" options for "Do You Want to Overwite File..." dialog  


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22/10/2018 5:58 pm  

Another small quality of life improvement during calibration - if I make a change and re-do calibration, I may get the pop-up dialog box asking me if I want to overwrite files many times and have to click "yes" over and over.  An option that says "Yes to All" or "No to All" would save considerable time and clicking.

do you want to overwrite file

You might also offer "Cancel Operation" from this dialog in case someone wanted to cancel out.  I know there is a "Cancel" button on the main screen, but sometimes the pop-up modal dialogs come up so fast one after the other that you can't get to the cancel button on the main screen.

Thanks for considering this!


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24/10/2018 9:42 pm  

Thanks for the suggestions Rowland. I think these are good suggestions, ofcourse with the added bit of danger when clicking the wrong option. 😉 (@mabula-admin)

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03/02/2019 4:39 pm  

Just adding to this point. It's quite common that a "Yes to all" / "No to all" option exists for many computer operations, and the risk is on the user. Processing is basically a long batch process job, so there should be options applicable to such operations.

I've just walked away from a long multi-filter integration after making amendments, and came back to it only being 1/3rd complete because of a dialog box popping up. 

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22/02/2019 12:43 pm  

Hi @rowland-f-archer-jr, @vincent-mod & @itarchitectkev,

I have added this to my TODO to make this better 😉

Thanks Rowland and Kev 😉


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01/03/2019 11:53 am  

Ditto for this change. I made a change to the loaded files last night and reran calibration. I had to sit here for 40 minutes waiting for the overwrite messages to appear two at a time. With 5 sessions and 4 filters it took a long time.