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Small bug when combining LRGB frames

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Hi Mabula,

I just noticed this yesterday: when I got to Tools and I start de LRGB combination after Multichannel processing, one step goes wrong in the "add frames" step.

I select the stacked and registered frames with filter names in them, and normally APP would recognize the corresponding channel based on that info. It works indeed - except for Luminance. Apparently APP cuts the name of the filter and makes "nance" out of it. As a consequence he doesn't find the corresponding channel and offers "custom" instead. 

Could you please check on this one, it is very easy to replicate and happens every time.






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Hi Mabula,

Just adding a comment on this issue to remind you that this still happens in APP 1.074.1. I understand it is very likely on your (also very likely) long TODO list so sorry to insist, but it would ease the user experience if this can be fixed.


Cheers, Wouter

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Ah that could indeed be the case. I'll tag Mabula (@mabula-admin) and thank you for the report!