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Hints and Resets for Right Hand Processing Panel  


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October 15, 2019 22:42  

Hi. Love the mouseover hints - really useful and informative. Maybe its possible to do  the same for the right hand panel? I think I've pretty much worked out what some of it does, but hints would help. Maybe its just me and its obvious!

Also there is a reset option for what I think is the black and white point. Is there any reset for the stretch and other options? I've been experimenting with these and now have no idea what the defaults are.

Also when saving the final file, its clear that you need to tick the stretch box if you want to save the st version - but does this also save the other options eg Hue and Sharpening, or do these only affect the "view" and not the save. 



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October 17, 2019 16:27  

Those will affect the save yes, what you get in the view is what will be saved. But you're definitely right that the right hand panel can use some better hints and maybe changes. Thanks for the comments!