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2023-03-15: APP 2.0.0-beta14 has been released !

IMPROVED FRAME LIST, sorting on column header click and you can move the columns now which will be preserved between restarts.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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[Sticky] Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta13 release notes

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Astro Pixel Processor 2.0.0-beta13 release notes

  • UPGRADED development platform to GraalVM 22.3 based on OpenJDK 19

    This upgrade enables us to further optimize APP processing speed and memory usage going forward. We have also adjusted the internal memory usage and cleanup.

  • IMPROVED integration frame and weights loading giving significant performance boost !

    We have optimized the loading of frames and their weights into the integration engine. This part was a big bottleneck and this improvement greatly enhances the integration performance and performance overall of Astro Pixel Processor. For regular integrations without Drizzle nor Multi-Band Blending, the speed increase overall for APP is about 30-50%. With Multi-Band Blending enabled, this increases to 50-75%(so almost twice as fast). And with drizzle enabled for 2.0X scale, the spead increase is very big, roughly 2-3x faster ! All depends on the image dimensions and available hardware resources. Computers with a lot of CPU threads will see great speed increase and users with big camera sensors will really benefit here 🙂 Below you will see some graphs of testing for integrating 120 frames with calibration masters with 32 cpu threads and 32GB of RAM:

Beta12 versus Beta13 performance
  • IMPROVEMENT framelist space bar select/deselect

    You can now use the space bar to select/deselect frames in the frame list and this works on multiple files at the same time.