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working folder/recovering files issues/project files in the future?: the folder that was set as your work directory no longer exists

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The way i use app, i do all my working folders from a network share drive which has been fine so far.  However, if the pc sleeps and resumes, the folder connection is lost with the error "the folder that was set as your work directory no longer exists "

You can browse to relocate the folder this is true, though its a bit tedious and slow to redo each time, especially if you have a few going on at once.

Is there any way to avoid this?  Also, if the app crashes or the pc reboots, you lose the working state of things.  There doesnt seem to be a way to recover.  When i reset the working folder and then add in the integrations and other processed images, they dont come back correct, they are lights and then also have to reload all lights and darks etc which can take awhile.

Any plans to have a saved project file in the future so that everything can resume where you leave off?

Thanks in advance

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White Dwarf Customer
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Hello Mark,

I just wanted to post the same question.....

I work with different folders on different drives - restarting APP means to do all the settings every time again -

yes....: what about projects and default settings....?


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Yes, saving settings across APP is in the works and will be possible soon, I have no knowledge when exactly but I know Mabula has it on his short-list. Regarding the network drive, a lot will depend on the network itself, your OS and how these things are stably connected over time. If issues arise in suddenly loosing a disk to write to, APP might not be able to recover from that. My suggestion would be to do processing locally, which will be way faster anyway, then backing all up to the network drive.