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2023-04-17: APP 2.0.0-beta17 has been released !

RAW support for camera color matrix with Bayer Drizzle integration, fixed couple of image viewer issues.


We are very close now to  releasing APP 2.0.0 stable with a complete printable manual...


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Techniques to compensate for pits after star removal?

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I love the star removal tool to help focus on only the target, but after working a couple of images through, there are very noticeable artifacts that look like pits in the image.  These unfortunately stay with the image all through post-processing.  I was able to mask/blend some of them with an inpaint/healer tool in Affinity Photo, but that creates its own visual issues, given the number of artifacts, especially in brighter regions of the data.

Is there a good way to deal with these, or perhaps a better practice when removing all the stars?  The attached image is the initial stretch of the data once exported from APP as 32-bit float FIPS.


Thanks, John




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Well, I don't think there is in APP itself other than choosing to reduce stars instead of removal. It's not perfect yet, itis a very difficult thing depending on the data usually (e.g. if there is a very star dense field). We will of course work on improving it.

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I've seen the same issue using .83 beta when increasing the threshold setting too much.  I just downloaded the most recent version and it seems to work well.



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It turns out that the star reduction does leave some artifacts behind, but only at the bottom of the image.  This can be cropped out and only affects the bottom 20-30 pixels.  Other than this small problem, the star reduction works very well, much better than Startools.