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Quality score for comparing different integrations

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I have a narrowband dataset taken with a DSLR and a L-Extreme filter. I usually integrate Ha & Oiii separately so I can then compose them back with StarTools.

I've done best 90%, 80% and 60% integrations for both emission lines. Then, cleared all loaded data from APP and re-loaded those integrations as light frames and ran "Normalize" so that they get analyzed.

What I found is that the best quality score depend on the emission line:

* For Ha: 90% best subs

* For Oiii: 60% best subs

I did this analysis because I want to get a good balance between SNR & FWHM and I think the quality score is a good relative measure of that.

So, here's my question: Would it make sense that I pick different % integrations based on the best quality scores of each emission line to get the best composite possible?


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If that would make sense totally depends on your data, it sounds like you tested this already and that's the best way to judge that I think. I personally would always go for 90-100% depending on what I know the quality of the night has been, when your setup is behaving well and the nights were good enough, that always seems to work nicely. If you have data from nights with a full moon or lots of troubles, then I would probably make separate integrations.