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Newbie Question - Can I Stack Images of Different Focal Lengths  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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September 25, 2020 01:15  

Hi Forum,

I captured 200 images on Andromeda last week with a 300mm DSLR lens. Later in the week, I used a 450mm lens to capture another 150.

Can the software stack these together, or do I need to do 2 stacks, and blend the outputs afterwards?


Similarly, when taking the 450mm shots, it seems the zoom lens 'crept' a little, and some are at 450mm, and some fractionally less. Can it dynamically determine the slight scale variation and stretch to compensate?

I know that Pixinsight does, but I find the user interface impenetrable.




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Quasar Admin
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September 25, 2020 13:15  

These can be stacked together yes. Just make sure to have proper calibration data for each and assign those to the separate sessions. Switch off same camera and optics, etc. The shifting of the focal length, not really sure. I think it will work if the shift is very little. But it might also cause an issue in it thinking it's different data (which it basically is of course). You would have to just try and see.