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Filter Duo-Band OIII and H-Alpha... how to asign the light frames ?  


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October 17, 2020 18:52  


In the "Assign the light frames" I use to choose RGB with my ASI294MCPro (colored).

I wish to use a new filter : the Optolong eXtreme duo band with OIII and H-alpha only (both together)

But In the "Assign the light frame" question I can only choose between OIII and H-alpha... and not both of them...

What should I choose ?

Olivier (France, Versailles)

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October 20, 2020 10:50  

You then first need to change the demosaic algorithm in tab 0. There you can choose to select e.g. "Extract Ha", when you then load the light of that filter, it will have loaded the Ha only. You can process that and save it at the end as your Ha integration. You can also select to make a color RGB from Ha and OIII etc. Here's a nice workflow for the whole process: