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Filename naming conventions?

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Hi everyone,

I searched the forum, but could not find an answer to this. Is there a description of the filename naming convention that APP uses to determine what kind of image is loaded? It seems the import is quite good in guessing what Image (Channel, Session, Filter, etc.) is used by the filename. But I could not find a documentation of that. It would really help to speed up things if I just name all files from a imaging session appropriate to this naming convention and load everything in one step and let APP decide what image is what. 

Or even better if APP could be started with a reference to a config file that defines list of image files for darks, flats, bias, lights, etc. and if possible also the parameters for the processing. This could be also a different config file so you can have presets of different processing parameters. 

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APP looks at the headers of the files, for fits files at least. And if they use the regular fits header format it will assign the data properly. Not all manufacturers provide enough information, which is why you sometimes have to click "force CFA" if APP loads the image assuming it's color while the data should be mono.

The config presets, APP will get a "watch this folder" feature, mainly developed for iTelescope, but I guess it'll also be in the regular release. That would allow you to put your data in there and APP processes the data automatically when new data arrives. And maybe something like you suggest can be part of that.