Analytical result o...

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Analytical result of light frames  


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December 8, 2019 18:09  

I am rather confused about how APP ranks light frames in a batch. Here is an example sorted on quality score:

Analytical result

First half is 60 second frames. These are taken without filter.
Second half is 180 second frames. These are taken with a quad band filter. These have higher star count and much lower FWHM.
This is the best 60 second frame:

Crescent Nebula 60sec None  frame20 St

This is the best 180 second frame:

Crescent Nebula 180sec Quad frame46 St

What I find strange is that APP ranks all 60 seconds frames superior to the 180 second frames. And I just can't understand why.
I don't understand all the values presented, so the answer is probably there somewhere, but to me it does not make sense right now looking at them.