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[Sticky] I am not receiving e-mails from Astro Pixel Processor on my Hotmail account

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Hi all,

It is reported by several hotmail users that they don't receive e-mail from with license details or forum update messages.

The problem is located on Hotmail's side since the e-mails are being delivered according to the mail servers. Hotmails is removing the e-mails before you can see them in your inbox, because Hotmail marks them as spam probably.

There are some settings that you can change in your hotmail account to hopefully solve this:


  • Log into your Hotmail Account
  • Add the astro pixel processor email addresses to your Contacts list:

  • Click Options
  • On the left side of the page, click Mail
  • Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  • Click Safe List
  • Add the domain


Note that it can sometimes take a while to receive mail from Hotmail. If after doing the above you still aren’t receiving the emails, you should check your basic preferences to make sure you aren’t filtering too much mail. To do this:

  • Log into your Hotmail Account
  • Click Options
  • Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  • Click Junk E-Mail Filter
  • Make sure your filter is set to low.


Please let me know it this solves the e-mail delivery problems.

Kind regards,