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[Sticky] How to upgrade the license in APP from a Trial to Renter/Owner license  


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October 19, 2017 12:44  

Hi all,

Please download and install the latest APP version first before continuing.

If the Trial license hasn't expired yet, you can click on the top left INFO button. This will pop-up a new window with your current license details. Just click on the button "enter new license code" at the bottom of this pop-up window to install a new license.

APP newLicense1

If your old Trial license is expired and then start APP, you will get the notice that your license no longer is valid.

In the latest APP version (1.054), the old license file will be automatically removed in that case. So the next time that you start APP, it will ask for new license details. Fill in your new Renter/Owner license details and then you're upgraded.

If you were still running an older version (version number lower than 1.054), you will need to manually remove the old license file first, before starting APP. The license file is called: 


And can be found in your Operating System's user directory.

On Windows, the file will be at:

C:\Users\[your username]\.AstroPixelProcessorLicense

On MacOs and Linux you'll find it at:

/Users/[your username]/.AstroPixelProcessorLicense

Be aware that on Linux and MacOS, this file is hidden due to the dot in front. You can find/see it with the

ls -all

command in a terminal.

If you still have trouble with upgrading APP to use the Renter or Owner License, please don't hesitate to contact me at

Kind regards,


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