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If I upgrade my computers can I de-autherize APP from the activated (and will no longer use) computers?

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I've just purchased an owner license which can be activated and use on three computers. I plan to use APP on one computer in the observatory and another one at home.

My question is:

If I have to upgrade both computers in the future, can I de-authorize  APP from the old computers to be able to activate and use APP on the new machines or I have to buy another owner license?

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Hi Wiwat,

Thank you for your purchase and your question.

For now, if you need to de-activate a computer, you can send an e-mail to support@astropixelprocessor.com and I will de-activate the computer or computers for you.

In a future version of APP, I will give you the option to de-activate a computer yourself from within the application. The application will show you the identities of the computers so you can deselect them.

So you won't need to buy a new license. Only when you need to use APP on more than 3 computers.

Let me know if this answers your question.

Kind regards,