APP 1.075 has been released !

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2019 September: Astro Pixel Processor and celebrate a new Partnership!

NGC 281 SHO  


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September 10, 2019 17:16  

NGC281 SHO pp in Astro Pixel. Waiting for more options - deconvoluction, low pass filter etc 🙂  ^^

ASI 1600 mmc + TS Newton 150/600

Full res - crop



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September 11, 2019 17:40  


Nice Pacman 👍 

I'm too waiting for more options. There isn't much going on for a rental software, just saying 🙂 

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September 12, 2019 10:27  

Well, a new version is around the corner and every new feature will take time, especially if you want to get it right and better (usually) then the competition. The renting is a way to use the software and keep on getting all updates, but it doesn't mean you get them every month. 🙂