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First try with Astro Pixel Processor on M42  


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19/03/2019 8:38 am  

My first try with Astro Pixel Processor on M42
Sky-Watcher 130/650 PDS Newton, Canon 600Da, Astronomik L2 UV/IR Block
Lights: 20x each 5", 15", 60", 180", 300" ISO800, total 3.1 hours
20x darks per exposure set, 40 flats, 100 bias
I have to say, I'm really impresssed with APP. First I made the BPM, MB and MF. Then a MD for each exposure set, and after that I loaded all the lights at once and let APP do its thing. When integration was finished I couldn't belive how well APP handled the massive dynamic range of this object, with almost no noise. Most of the post processing was done in APP with a little help of Photoshop at the end. I made two stretches, one for the bright core not to be blown out and blended them together in photoshop.
Time for processing after integration was about 30min in APP and PS. In Pixinsight it would have been at least 3hours for a similar result.
I'm still on trial, but I will buy this awesome program for shure.
Things I miss most = comet stacking, deconvolution, kickass denoising, masks
CS, Robert

M42 APP Final 2500 08

for zooming in

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19/03/2019 10:56 pm  

Hi Robert @robsi,

Thank you for sharing this great image of M42 😉 and welcome the the APP forum !

I am glad that APP is working well for you, the image looks awesome 😉 very well processed.

Comet stacking is soon to be included in APP, the registration engine will get a big upgrade and will then include comet registration.

Same holds for denoising and deconvolution, these will be added to APP as well as soon as possible.

Support for processing with masks will then be implemented in such a way that it will directly integrate with all available post-processing tools, so it directly becomes a global tool sort of speak 😉 That is what I am aiming for...

Kind regards,


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