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Registration between two images will not work

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I have a problem with registration and I don't know what else I can do.

I have an image at 3.37"pp and a two pane mosaic at 0.63"pp... I want to register the 2 pane mosaic to the wider field image to increase resolution in part of the image but APP just won't do it. It keeps telling me that there's not enough stars so I have already lowered the kappa in Star analyse to the minimum possible. During star analyse APP is picking up 1204 stars in the wide field and 1167 stars in the 2 pane mosaic.... 

I have set the registration pattern recognition descriptor to triangles as I understand that this should work better in this instance.... still no luck.

Can anyone give me any more ideas I can try to get the one image registered to the wider field? 

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Hello Sara,

maybe the difference in image scales between the 2 images is too large (3.37 and 0.63) . Did you try enlarging to image with the lower image scale,

either with drizzle or just simply enlarge the stacks in APP?


Kind regards, Jeroen 


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Dear Sara @swag72 (and Jeroen @jeroenm),

Thank you for sharing the data with me. I have tried myself to register the data in APP 1.070. Have you used APP 1.070 as well?


On my first try with everything at default in 3) star analysis,

4) Registration, enabled distortion correction and disabled same camera and optics

The integration of the data does work properly and quickly.

St avg 122400.0s NR x 1.0 LZ3 NS full eq add sc BWMV nor Ha RL noMBB St
Registration Screenshot

I will do more testing with different settings in 3) Analyse Stars though 😉


I have only used regular normalization and no MBB and no LNC here, just to illustrate that registration is working.

Kind regards,



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