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[Sticky] I can't adjust APP's memory with the CFG button ! It's always the same when I start APP...  


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February 27, 2019 17:27  

Hi all,

Astro Pixel Processor is an Oracle JAVA application and the startup parameters of JAVA to run APP properly are configured in the APP installation files. You should never have to alter these yourself.

However, some other application builders have the bad habit of asking the user to set JAVA startup parameters on the Operating System level.  This is not good.

This means that all Java applications on your operating system, will only be able to run with the settings that are set on the Operating System level, because they will overrule the settings on application level.

So which operating system level envrionment variable is concerned here? It's the variable


with argument -XmxXXXXM or -XmxXG

The XXXXM could be 1024M, in this case, any Java process could only use a maximum of 1024MB=1GB of memory. 2G means 2GB.

APP by default will start on a new installation with 2GB's of memory available. If this is not the case, then this environment variable is very likely to be set on your Operating System level.

If the variable is set, you will need to delete it (or alter it to influence the amount of memory that APP can use). Below are general instructions on how to find and delete the variable so APP can function properly :


Right click on windows start:

System, system info, advanced system settings, Environment Variables

Here is an explanation as well:

MacOS & Linux:

This is probably a bit more complicated than on windows, because it can depend on which MacOS version you are or which shell you have on your Linux distribution, here is a general article that could help you in this regard:

If you do a search on a searchengine, you are bound to found a way to solve this for your MacOS version or Linux distribution.

If you need help with deleting the envrionment variable on your computer, please let us know 😉

Kind regards,


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