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Star Reduction Tool is Great

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I love the new star reduction tool.  Below is a quick video that shows my initial thoughts and experience using the tool.  I would love to see a discussion get started about how to use this tool better.  What can I do to make it work even better?  



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@jrbuchanan - brilliant little tutorial. Thanks for this. Just going to give it a try now.





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Thank you Joe for posting this excellent tutorial!  I downloaded APP 1.083 Beta2 to try the star reduction tool but I was lost until I found your video

Here is my first attempt at using the tool after watching your tutorial....


NGC1499HOO StarReduced


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Hi Joe,

Very nice tutorial on star reduction.  I wonder how much more effective the user community would find this useful tool if the instructions available by mouse hovering were a bit more detailed.  Or maybe a link to an instruction page that showed the effects of individual sliders (showing blow-ups obtained at 10% and 90% slider positions) would encourage more users to try star reduction.  I found your quick tutorial provided details that increased my understanding -- so I'm not asking for much.