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How to add Ha from optolong L-extreme to rgb color image

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Hello freinds

I need your support to learn how to add the Haoiii to a normal color image, I am using the same camera Nikon Z6a one image without filter and the other with optolong L-extreme


many thanks


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@shadinassri Hi Shadi. When you process the HaOIII data, in tab 0 you can select HO (extract Ha) and HO (extract OIII) algorithms. That will separate the Ha and OIII data. You will need to run an integration with one algorithm first and then repeat with the other algorithm. The order in which you do this is not important. Then you need to split the RGB channels from the RGB image. Once you have all five, you can combine them again in tab 9 -> RGB Combination. You need to select the RGBHO algorithm there and then you can add all five channels.

Disclaimer: I am typing this off the top of my head since I do not have APP with me right now. So the algorithms may have slightly different names than I typed here.