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2022-08-17: APP 2.0.0-beta3 has been released !

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windows 2.0.0-beta3

macOS x86_64 2.0.0-beta3

macOS arm64 M1 2.0.0-beta3

Linux DEB 2.0.0-beta3

Linux RPM 2.0.0-beta3

Simple mosaic Tutorial

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Can anybody recommend a simple mosic tutorial for the most common scenario: You have serveral with APP finally processed panel images (already stacked and background flattend) taken with DSRL, overlapping 10-20%. And now you want a smooth stiched moasic combinig all of them.

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@schurig Hi Stephan,

Load the integration results of the panels and don't load any calibration frames. Then set these settings in the indicated tabs:

Tab 3: set the number of stars to 2500 or higher
Tab 4: set scale start to at least 5, set scale stop to at least 12, set registration mode to mosaic
Tab 5: set mode to advanced
Tab 6: leave integrate at automatic, enable "enable MBB" and set it to 15% or higher if necessary

In tab 6, click integrate and inspect the result. If you see "strange stars" in the mosaic then try with different "pattern recognition descriptors" in tab 4, for example triangles. That should be it. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.