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Saving calibrated files

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In calibration pane there is an option to split and save the calibrated files to RGB. We can also set a save folder.

1. Would it be possible to have APP create a sub folder for each color under the selected save folder? It we have a large stack of OSC images to split, it is a nightmare to make use of these at a later stage.

2. I made a test with some images captured through an NBZ dual band filter. I tried to save the calibrated files to see if I got Ha and OIII and I think I did, one NB color at the time. But both colors were named "ch1". As above, could APP create sub folders and name the saved files according to the algorithm chosen? 

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I'll pass this request to Mabula, would be nice I think. Thanks for the suggestion.

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These are on our Todo list 😉 thanks !