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2022-01-07:  APP 1.083 has been released !!!

1.083 Windows 64bits download

1.083 MacOS 64bits download

1.083 Linux DEB-64bits download

1.083 Linux RPM 64bits download

  • new Star Reducer Tool
  • 15-30% speed increase in processing
  • introducing Comet registration
  • support for new camera models like Canon EOS R5,R6
  • Greatly improved HSL Selective Color Tool
  • New Batch Tools
  • New File Saver Module with PNG support

Modernize UI  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
Joined: 2 months ago
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November 24, 2021 16:50  

Program seems to work well but the UI could be A LOT better.  Any chance of modernizing it.  I would happily purchase a license if the UI were better.

TurtleCat liked
Quasar Admin
Joined: 5 years ago
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November 24, 2021 20:18  

There is a chance in the future, but nothing solid as of yet.

Main Sequence Star Customer
Joined: 2 months ago
Posts: 37
November 25, 2021 19:18  

Designing a good UI is hard work, especially one that appeals to a lot of people. Would you all be opposed to a few mock up concepts? Maybe something done in Balsamiq or similar?