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Improving usage of lightpollution tool  


White Dwarf Customer
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October 8, 2018 09:59  


one of the best and time consuming tools of APP is lightpollution correction for me. What would be nice is if the mouse control could be improved. Like zooming in and out using the mousewheel, left mouse buttom held on picture and being able to move the picture ... Also being able to manually remove any box would be nice sometimes. 

This tool is great! Sometimes I use it "quick and dirty" and then this would help a lot, too.


Quasar Admin
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October 24, 2018 22:23  

Hi Stefan @elgol,

Thanks for the suggestions 😉 It will require some work indeed on the interface.

I have added to my worklist:

  • zoom in/out with scroll button in image viewer.
  • if left mouse cliked, scrolling in viewer is done with mouse movement
  • remove any box of choice, by selecting the box



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