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31 July 2020 - Comet Registration video tutorial using APP 1.083-beta1 released.

30 July 2020 - APP 1.083-beta1 has been released introducing Comet processing! This 1st beta has comet registration. The stable release will also include special comet integration modes.

9 July 2020 - New and updated video tutorial using APP 1.081: Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud by Christian Sasse ( and Mabula Haverkamp

2019 September: Astro Pixel Processor and celebrate a new Partnership!

Export Data Table  


Red Giant Customer
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November 25, 2018 17:22  


It would be really useful if the data table (Lights, flats, darks etc) at the bottom of the processing screen could be exported for analysis in a spreadsheet (Excel). 

My suggestion would be to add another option to the Right Click menu (the one that allows sorting and the analytics graph), to "Export to CSV". 

I'm assuming the data is already available and that this should be an easy feature to add.