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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.039  


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May 15, 2017 20:39  

Astro Pixel Processor 1.039


  • Added ToolTips, menu 1) is updated.
  • Improvement, new Histogram looks and place in GUI, the HISTOGRAM is now fixed in the upper right corner and is always visible, also in lower resolution screens
  • Improvement, Additions, the preview filter has undergone several big changes. All buttons and options are explained with tooltips. All sliders that need fine tuning, can be zoomed in, for precise and easy finetuning using only your mouse. This means that for 32bits data, you can achieve a precision with the sliders of a 1 millionth. There are several auto DDP modes. And you can directly apply background neutralization on the linear data before applying the DDP stretch. This is much better for colors as compared to an unlinked stretch seen in other programs. Finally, the APPLY button is gone. If you release a slider the calculation of the stretch starts immediately.
  • Improvement, the "save" button in the preview filter is always at the same place, directly under the histogram. So directly available, also on lower resolutions.


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