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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.040.1

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.040.1

  • Fixed, when a reference is being set before star analysis, the user gets the warning that the frames need to be star analysed first. After the warning, all buttons were disabled. Also fixed, if a frame is chosen, after star analyis, that couldn't be analysed, a warning is thrown as well and buttons were disabled afterwards.
  • Fixed, error in mosaic algorithm, not same camera and optics, dyn. distortion correction on, starting point for Center Of Distortion was wrong in regression calculation.
  • Fixed, error in star analyis using star profile filter. Sometimes the filter caused the star analyser to find bogus stars with bad star lokations, upsetting registration robustness. Solved by 2 sanity checks in the regression results of the star profiles (number of iterations shouldn't be too high and FWHM can't be too small).
  • Fixed, histogram calculation used to much memory due to inefficient calculation. Now consumes hardly any memory.
  • Updated, new customized Linux DEB & RPM installers, Astro Pixel Processor can new be found in the Graphics and Science & Maths Category menus on your desktop.
  • Fixed, after preview filter update, auto ddp didn't work correctly after zooming on a slider, now fixed. Also fixed several concurrency issues so a new preview filter task isn't kicked off more often than it should.
  • Fixed, Bad Pixel Mapping is improved. For sensors with bad columns, strong amp glow and/or banding, the BPM calibration should work much better now. Please create a new BPM with this new version for better calibration results.