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Struggling with Ha-O3 HOO1 Integration

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I have followed the sticky "tutorial" for integrating the dual-band data in the RGB Combine tool as closely as I can, but no matter what I do, I get a monochrome image.  Did Ha-O3 extracts from OSC with LEnhance filter.  Get two files, analyze stars, register, normalize, save normalized, added to RGB Combine tool with HOO1 formula.  Calculate, get monochrome.  Changing sliders for colors has no effect.

I have had success getting "false" color with native SHO data, but the OSC dual band is "no bueno"

Lastly, please release a real user manual that addresses these workfllows as well as the use or abuse of the many obscure parameters that are available in APP



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HI Chris @cdugger,

Did you set the 0) RAW/FITS demosaic setting to both extract Ha and O3? Did both stack clearly look different? If you don't see colors in the RGB combine when you combine it, it might be because the saturation in the preview filter on the right side below the histogram was turned off, did you try to enable it? If we need to help you with your data, let me know and I will assist.

The manual is forthcoming with the 2.0 stable release as promised. Please do know that all these parameters are explained already on the many tooltips inside the application.