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Processing six pane mosaic

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I know I need to have six separate integration files before building my mosaic, but is it possible to load and process (calibrate, analyze, register, normalize and integrate) all six panes (each with multiple subs) all at once?  Or do I have to process each pane separately?

If I can do this all at once, do I use the multi-session option even though it was all in one session? Otherwise, how is it done? 

If not, that would be a great feature to have. 


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There is no requirement to have 6 separate panels, that totally depends on your mosaic. A mosaic basically is a composition where some panels have no overlap at all with another (of course they do need overlap with adjacent panels). This can already be the case with 3 panels for instance.

My advice for mosaics is to process each individual panel, with all lights and calibration files belonging to that panel, first. Then at the end I load in the integrations again as lights and set APP up for a mosiac. Multiple sessions is something that is only needed when you have different calibration data for a different set of lights and you want to process those all at one. For a mosaic though, I tend to work on each panel at a time.