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Identifiers and his functions in the automatically generated file name  


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February 11, 2020 18:32  
Hello everybody!

I have tested the new version 1.076 Beta this weekend. I chose the automatic function in 1) Calibrate and in 6) Intergate. The processing went without any problems and I also noticed a noticeable increase in processing speed. Very nice!
By means of the used identifiers in the file name you can see which settings were used. Unfortunately I find it difficult to interpret the used identifiers and his functions in the automatically generated file name (be it by using the automatic functions).

Would it be possible to create a list with the used identifiers in the file name and their description?
Thanks a lot!
Stefan B.

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February 12, 2020 22:12  

Yes, I can have a go at it. A few I also don't know to be honest, Mult might be it's a multi-channel image, but I've asked Mabula to fill in the blanks. 🙂 Take it with a grain of salt at the moment as I can have some things wrong, this obviously needs better documentation. In the near future it'll not be in the filename anymore but in the metadata, and there one can put an extra desciption as well.

St = Stack
avg = The average stacking algorithm was used
AR = Adaptive rejection algorithm was used
LN = Local Normalization Correction at High and Low Kappa
LZ3 = Lanczos-3 data interpolation for registration
NS =
Full = The composition mode, full shows all registered pixels used in the various subs
Qua = The integration weights are set to Quality mode
Mult =
BMWV = BiWeight MidVariance, a calculation method to find the scale of the light frames (to correct for variance in the signal across frames).
AAD = Adaptive Airy Disc debayer algorithm
RE =
MBB5 = Multi Band Blending at 5%, to nicely blend edges into the image

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