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How do I load processed images?

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I'm new to this today, I seem to be getting it except for one thing' Once I process my image, and close APP, how can I view the image again? How do I send that image via e-mail? If I try to reload in APP it wants to do it all over again? There has to be a way to view processed images. 


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When you start APP it asks for a Working Directory. This is where your processed images live. So if you want to email one of your processed images, you navigate to that directory and add it as an attachment.

If you wanted to load up your processed images again, you would choose the Other/Processed on the 1) LOAD tab, and then navigate to your Working Directory where you last processed your images, and load the files from there. Processed images are written as FITS files.

Typically your processed image will be something like M31_Andromeda_session_1.fits (or something like that). (If you use the latest versions of APP (1.081 and newer) you will be able to select a name for the Integration prior to integrating it. This forms part of the filename it will write. If you do further processing like light pollution removal or calibrate background the file produced after you save it using those tools will have extra characters saved to the filename too like lpc, cbg, etc.

If you wanted to then save that FITS image as something else and have that immediately useful to send as an email to someone (rather than be interested in further processing) you can save that file by using the SAVE button (top of the right hand panel), ensure Stretch is selected and then choose something like JPEG for a good format to send as it is a compressed format (smaller size = good for email, but you lose quality). It will be saved in that same Working Directory you selected when you first loaded up APP.