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Weird Integration - only affects Ha Channel

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Just integrating my images from last night, all channels come out fine except Ha, which is showing weird crosses.

I've checked every sub and they are all fine. I've also checked the Ha Flat - which is fine. OIII, SII and IDAS integrate fine (using same master dark, bias, bad pixel map and flat dark.

I get the same issue with both objects I observed last night.

Any pointers to what might be wrong?

Here is a clip of the integrated image - every star is a cross


and one of the RAWs (same view parameters)



Any help really appreciated.


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That is interesting. Sorry it took a while, I had an issue with the forum login.

I think I would need some of the data to be able to see what is going on exactly.

If you can please upload some of the relevant subs to our server;

Go to and use upload1 (or upload2 till 5) as username and password will then be the same as the username.

Create a directory named “simontelescopium-crosses” and upload in there. Thank you!