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M1 Max bug in Light Pollution Removal tool

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I have a Macbook Pro with a M1 Max chip running Monterey 12.0.1.  There appears to be a bug in the graphics in the light pollution removal tool.  Any zoom in or out makes the boxes placed on the image disappear or become distorted.  See attached.  This was a brief test but I think the tool still works; the rendering of the boxes just doesn't work correctly.

Image 11 30 21 at 7.54 AM


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Interesting, that's a new one for me. I'll notify Mabula, thanks for the notice!

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@jhart  I have the same issue with my M1 Max.  Not a dealbreaker luckily

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Yeah, it’s the openGL issue. If you click that and go to CPU graphics then it’ll render fine. There’s not much speed difference between OpenGL and CPU on the M1 anyway. 

If APP gets the Vulkan support for GPUs as has been in the works for some time then this issue will go away and APP will get much, much faster. Here’s hoping that comes in a future update. 

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Hi. Same here MBP M1 Pro 14”. Not a big deal, but somewhat annoying.