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2022-08-17: APP 2.0.0-beta3 has been released !

Release notes

Download links per platform:

windows 2.0.0-beta3

macOS x86_64 2.0.0-beta3

macOS arm64 M1 2.0.0-beta3

Linux DEB 2.0.0-beta3

Linux RPM 2.0.0-beta3

APP won't open on the MacBook Pro with the M1 chip

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I bought a new 14" MacBook Pro with the M1 chip in March 2022 and was hoping to run APP on it. I can download the app, but not open it after dragging it to the apps folder. I changed preferences as instructed on this forum, no joy. I believe the laptop's OS is Monterrey. Apple tech support says to contact the developer. Please advise.

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Are you using beta 2.0 of APP? A, scratch that, I see you don't. So with our beta version we were able to fully notarize APP to pass these checks on MacOS. You can download the latest beta here:

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Hi Susan @safinsd,

Indeed like Vincent indicates, you will want to install APP 2.0.0-beta2 for ARM64/M1 hardware. Then installation should simply work fine 🙂