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[Solved] Installation of APP on Windows fails

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UPDATE 2017-09-01: Since APP version 1.050, the application is signed with a trusted certificate and this has resolved the security problems.

UPDATE 2017-07-07: I have requested an EV code signing certificate to solve the problems with Norton Security/Anitvirus and Windows 8 and higher to install and start APP. Once I receive the certificate after external security checks, these problems should be solved due to signing of the application with a trusted certificate.


If you have requested a TRIAL and were unable to activate and start APP due to one of the below problems, please contact me at

I will then help you to get started and I will restart you TRIAL license period.

  • Windows 10 together with Norton Antivirus currently prevents APP from being installed on the system. Norton uses a reputation system, and APP hasn't build up any reputation yet, so Norton simply says it's unsafe, although Norton Labs have never actually examined APP. Norton doens't allow APP to be installed currently unless you can manage to tell Norton it's a safe application. I am working to get his fixed.
  • If you have a user name with cyrillic (or other non-standard) characters on your system, the installation of APP will fail. Working to get this fixed as well.



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