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Quick Tarantula in Ha

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Hi all,

About 2,5 weeks ago I moved to Chile and last night I was able to shoot the Tarantula nebula from my backyard using a SkyWatcher Esprit 80ED, an ASI1600MM-C and a (2nd gen) ZWO Ha filter. For some reason my flats didn't give a good result so I reprocessed without them. The only thing I then did was a background calibration and a stretch.

St avg 4800.0s LNMWC 1 2.5 none x 2.0 1.0 dr hat full qua add sc BWMV nor AAD RE noMBB H Alpha 1 lpc mod St NoSt small


Clear skies, Wouter

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Love it! I wish I had my scope in NZ, had a wonderful time with these targets as well. Enjoy it man!