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I struggled for a week of 8+ hour days to learn PixInsight and had moments of satisfaction but hours of frustration. So I gave up and produced this in a few minutes with Astro Pixel Processor.

More to learn, but I'm a lot happier than I was after the "stranger in a strange land" experience with PI. To be fair, I saw glimmers of promise from some of the PI processes and scripts, but I feel like I spent a week in a cult training program.

This is 192 two-minute subs calibrated with dark, flats, and dark flats. Celestron 120 Omni XLT, ASI294MC, Optolong L-Pro. EQ6-R with guiding and EAF controlled by ASIair Pro.

BodesNebulaePI ST LR PS


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I'm not seeing the image, I think converting it to jpeg is better for it to show on the forum. But good to hear you're now happy with APP!