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[Sticky] Current priorities  


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July 22, 2017 13:11  

This topic shows you were the priorities are in the development of APP, so you can keep track of what I am working on currently.

High priority:

  • upgrade stretching to color preserving stretching following Preparing Red-Green-Blue (RGB) Images from CCD Data by Robert Lupton (thank you Rudy Pol, Mark Shelley and Roger N. Clarke)
  • implement possibility of using the color matrix conversion from camera colors to sRGB/Adobe 1998 in DSLR data processing. (once again, thank you Rudy Pol, Mark Shelley and Roger N. Clarke)
  • in 1) LOAD add extra line of buttons for loading/removing master calibration frames (so with all/non togglebutton and clean button as well)
  • finish Quick Reference Guide in English and French (if someone wants to translate into another language, contact me at
  • Rebuild Selective Color tool
  • Upgrade star color calibration tool using a 3x3 matrix for calibration and implement an algorithm to optimize the colors using some form of regression.
  • auto align channels in RGB combine tool if needed.
  • upgrade APP with both multi-channel and multi-session frame loading and automatic processing.
  • RGB combine, add possibility to select the needed frames from the file list panel, instead of selecting files. Default button for the sliders, to reset the sliders.
  • Light frame integration: possibility to not use autosave, add all info to header of saved file (FITS and TIFF), give user the option to choose the saved file name
  • rebuild calibration engine. Make sure the user is warned when suboptimal calibration occurs. Prevent clipping while applying several master calibration frames, possibility of adding an offset and/or calibrating with negative values and only clip after final calibration frame. Add dark scaling. Possibility to use a single masterbias for calibration of lights/flats while iso/gain is not correct.
  • extend camera support, requested is support for Sony, Pentax & Fuji (X-Trans), Leica RWL, DNG and Panasonic RW2 files.
  • add support for read/write PNG
  • rewrite all mosaic algorithms to increase speed, robustness and accuracy
  • speed-up linear fit clipping, is really slow currently with lots of subs due to calculating the linear parameters on all data points.
  • add possibility that GUI of APP can be scaled so it's experience on high resolution screens (4k) is much better.
  • add separate sharpen module

Medium priority:

  • add option to output correction model in the "remove light pollution" and "correct vignetting" tools
  • make the file chooser remember it's size (make it "sticky")
  • check for possibility to choose Byte Order of TIFF files when saving as TIFF
  • Tool for image comparison with normalization of the frames to be compared.
  • check progress of process cancel button focus on Linux distributions. The button will be automatically in focus when a new process starts and this can cause the user to perform an unwanted cancellation of the process when he clicks a certain button. See
  • remember file type filter for file chooser (just like last directory) and remember it between sessions using a configuration file.
  • Possibly send an e-mail to the user if a long task completes, so user is informed via e-mail on his phone/tablet that he can check the result on the computer.
  • possibility to select files by mouse dragging in the file chooser
  • drag and drop frames on app workspace to load them
  • save/load project profile, usefull for data of particular camera/OTA configurations and regular versus mosaic settings.
  • add more sounds to APP and let user select positive/negative sounds from a list in the CFG menu, so user knows from sound after completion of a task that the task finished succesfully or with a problem. This needs to be saved with a cfg file.
  • add HDR in RGB combine tool
  • add different projections for the calibrated projective registration mode, like cylindrical.
  • Make frame as Reference using right click menu,
  • add maximum to integration modes besides average and median
  • deconvolution
  • possibility to rename files in the frame list panel using right click menu

Low Priority:

  • add support to detach image viewer with histogram to a separate window so you can drop it on another screen attached to your computer.
  • support for dynamic integration while acquiring frames during an image session.
  • optimize integration module for 64bits data (if you need to integrate 64bits data please contact me at support@astropixelprocessor)

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