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Double-comet opportunity for the rest of March 2022

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There is the opportunity to image two comets in the same field of view for the rest of March 2022.

C/2019 L3 (ATLAS) and 104P Kowal are currently less than 3 degrees apart in the sky. Closest approach is in two days when they will be approx 1 3/4 degrees apart.

Attached image is from 23 March. APS-C sensor, 300mm lens. ATLAS on left edge of frame, Kowal on right edge.

ATLAS is moving slowly, but is brightest. Kowal is faint, but moving so much that the comet will trail in just several minutes.

2022 03 23 104P L3 St 1

Here is closer view of Kowal, images registered/stacked on stars:

2022 03 23 104P L3 St 1 crop2

Here is Kowal, registered on the comet. (Requires much manual assistance/intervention.)

2022 03 23 104P L3 comet registered St crop 104P

Good luck and clear skies!

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Really nice, thanks for sharing! Our algorithms will improve as well with more data to test from everyone, thanks!