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Check All Frames when Loading Darks  


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September 10, 2018 12:54  

When doing a multi-channel process, I check the "Apply Filter Header Tag" box when loading Flats or Master Flats

Next, when I add Darks or MasterDarks, I always want "All Channels" checked, but the "To which channel do we need to assign the frame(s)?" dialog remembers the "Apply Filter Header Tag" status and shows that checked instead.  I always have to manually uncheck the "Apply Filter" box and check the "All Frames" box.  Unless one used different sensors, gains, or temperatures for different channels, I would think "All Frames" would be the most common default case and should be checked by default when loading darks, master darks, and bias frames.


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September 10, 2018 22:28  

Hi Rowland @rowland-f-archer-jr,

Thank you for your valuable feedback once more 😉 I agree, in most cases, the darks, bias, flat darks will be used for all channels and APP will otherwise match them automatically based on image dimensions, iso/gain and exposure if needed.

If you select "All Channels" it will overrule checking of the "apply Filter Header Tag" so there is no need to uncheck it. But I have made sure that if you select "All Channels" the tag is automatically disabled in APP 1.066.

I have made the following adjustments for APP 1.066:

  • if "All Channels" is selected -> "apply Filter Header Tag"  is disabled and any channel selection as well
  • if "apply Filter Header Tag" is selected -> "ALL Channels" is disabled and any channel selection as well
  • if a channel is selected -> select "ALL Channels" is disabled and "apply Filter Header Tag" is disabled as well.
  • And in case of loading bias, darks & dark flats or their Masters, "All Channels" will be selected by default.

Thanks ;-),




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March 1, 2019 13:50  

Hi Mabula, 

I just noticed when loading Dark Flats (Multi-session) that the filter defaults to All Filters. 

I don't know whether this has always been the case, or perhaps changed as part of this request but, certainly for the processing I do, I usually have Dark flats for each filter. This is because the Dark Flats should have the same exposure as the Flats and inevitably each flat has a different exposure. 

So, in my mind, the Dark Flats Load should default to "By Filter" and not to All Filters.

As an example, I just loaded five sessions of data which required me to change the default 20 times which was pretty frustrating in what is already a mind/concentration challenging process.

If the user has the type of data that means "All Filters" could be used at least if the default was to "By Filter" they would only have to change the setting once, rather than the twenty times I had to with the current default.