Check All Frames when Loading Darks  


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September 10, 2018 12:54  

When doing a multi-channel process, I check the "Apply Filter Header Tag" box when loading Flats or Master Flats

Next, when I add Darks or MasterDarks, I always want "All Channels" checked, but the "To which channel do we need to assign the frame(s)?" dialog remembers the "Apply Filter Header Tag" status and shows that checked instead.  I always have to manually uncheck the "Apply Filter" box and check the "All Frames" box.  Unless one used different sensors, gains, or temperatures for different channels, I would think "All Frames" would be the most common default case and should be checked by default when loading darks, master darks, and bias frames.


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September 10, 2018 22:28  

Hi Rowland @rowland-f-archer-jr,

Thank you for your valuable feedback once more 😉 I agree, in most cases, the darks, bias, flat darks will be used for all channels and APP will otherwise match them automatically based on image dimensions, iso/gain and exposure if needed.

If you select "All Channels" it will overrule checking of the "apply Filter Header Tag" so there is no need to uncheck it. But I have made sure that if you select "All Channels" the tag is automatically disabled in APP 1.066.

I have made the following adjustments for APP 1.066:

  • if "All Channels" is selected -> "apply Filter Header Tag"  is disabled and any channel selection as well
  • if "apply Filter Header Tag" is selected -> "ALL Channels" is disabled and any channel selection as well
  • if a channel is selected -> select "ALL Channels" is disabled and "apply Filter Header Tag" is disabled as well.
  • And in case of loading bias, darks & dark flats or their Masters, "All Channels" will be selected by default.

Thanks ;-),




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