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Please speed up the slow image manipulation (Sat., Stretch, B & W point etc. and rgb combine) - maybe RawTherapee-like  


White Dwarf Customer
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February 18, 2021 13:12  

RawTherapee does all the manipulations as preview only on the visible part of the image, resampled with the display resolution.

So an image with 5000x4000 becomes only effectively 1000x800 for the simple tools and processing will be faster by magnitudes. All the manipulations will finally be applied to the whole image when necessary (at the latest when "Save" is being hit).

Tools that rely on full resolution can only be previewed in 100% Zoom. Switching between 100% and Fit in Window is done by double click. This is very fast is not as much a draw back as the slow whole image processing pauses.

Actually it is so fast, that the image can be updated while moving the slider. This would be great. Please check out the free RawTherapee tool. I believe the implementation is not that tedious.

That would be great : )

Universe Admin
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February 18, 2021 13:52  

I actually have RawTherapee and an idea like that is interesting indeed I think. I'll inform Mabula about it.