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2022-05-29: APP 2.0.0-beta2 has been released !

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Auto weighting sessions in combine RGB tool

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I would like to see the ability for APP to auto weight sessions in the combine RGB tool.

I have some data that will at times have multiple exposure times in it. For instance a bunch of 600s SHO, a bunch of 300s SHO, and then a bunch of 120s LRGB.

If there was a way when you added them all into the combine RGB tool, perhaps by clicking a check box within it, to have the system auto weight those exposures that would be awesome. My thought would be to have the 120s set at a weight of 11.8% then the 300s at a weight of 29.4% and then the 600s at a weight of 58.8% that would allow an automatic combination of exposures that would take into account the exposure length and in my opinion give a smoother result.

I would like the check box to do this so people could have it do things the standard way to account for things such as sky brightness or exposures with different illumination or different optics and cameras. I think it would definitely add value and make things easier in some circumstances, especially with using LRGB for stars with narrowband data for a nebula.