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APP 1.083.2 for MacOS takes forever on M1 Machines

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Hey 😉


I just got my new M1 Pro Macbook and of course the first thing I did after getting it was to test out app. 

It was more or less fast with my old 15 inch MacBook Pro but app takes ages to complete a complete stack on my new notebook.

is there any benefit, in regards to speed, if I download the newest app beta versions?

what also bothers me is that the resolution of app on m1 looks quite a bit lower than on intel Macs. 

I hope the dev team is aware of that problems and will resolve them asap. I love app but a program at this price point should run without any problems on such a widely used system. 




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@yellowhorsehead Hi Andreas,

Thank you for posting your comments here. All of what you write has been addressed in several other posts on this forum. In short, the version of Java used for APP 1.083 doesn't perform well on M1 hardware. Please use 2.0.0-beta4. The download links for that version are at the top of each forum page. 

HTH, Wouter