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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.079

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.079

  • ADDED, FITS METADATA, if optical distortion correction is applied in registration, it will be shown in the FITS integration metadata.
  • FIXED, FITS METADA, Automatic regcognition of used filters from the FITS metadata using FILTER/ FILT-X tags has been fixed. In APP 1.078, it did not work properly due to a change in the tag name.
  • FIXED, FITS METADA, APP 1.079 will now again recognise the used Filters/Sessions in data created  with APP 1.077 and earlier.
  • FIXED, AUTOMATIC SAVING OF MASTERS, when saving a master calibration frame or a light frame integration, APP will automatically adjust the file name of the frame to be saved if there is already a file present with the same name.
  • FIXED, SAVING FRAMES THAT HAVE OLD (PRE 1.078) FILTER/SESSION FITS TAGS, if a frame has old tags, the frame saver would give an error. This is fixed.
  • FIXED, 6)INTEGRATE, a bug has been fixed that caused a nullpointer exception when starting a light frame integration, it happened especially when starting mosaic integration.
  • ADDED, RGB COMBINE TOOL, you can now also choose to not normalize the data to be combined. This can be usefull if you want to combine Star Color Calibrated RGB data with luminance or narrowband layers after Star Color Calibration.
  • IMPROVED, RGB COMBINE TOOL, when loading RGB data, the channels are automatically assigned as Red, Green and Blue for the composite.
  • FIXED, RGB COMBINE TOOL, fixed a bug when 3-channel RGB data is loaded into the tool. The bug could cause a problem with the datarange giving odd results.
  • FIXED/IMPROVED, MULTI-CHANNEL/SESSION, the frame load windows to assign the correct filter/session for your data will now properly show all possibilities even when you have more than 10 different filters and/or sessions. All custom made channels/sessions will be shown as well with the defaults presets.
  • FIXED, USER INTERFACE, 2 concurrency issues are fixed that could cause an error when loading images. This error could in fact give visual artefacts in the user interface.
  • FIXED, MULTI-CHANNEL/SESSION, when loading a Bad Pixel Map (BPM) there is now never a filter or session assignment shown because the Bad Pixel Map is only related to a camera's sensor. In 1.078 and earlier, the assignment could show if you load a BPM with the lights button for instance. This will no longer be the case.
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