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[Closed] Astro Pixel Processor 1.066

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Astro Pixel Processor 1.066

  • IMPROVED, Multi-Channel processing, as requested by  Rowland F Archer Jr @rowland-f-archer-jr  ( ) I have made some adjustment in the loading options of all the channel data to make it easier and clearer:
    • if "All Channels" is selected -> "apply Filter Header Tag"  is disabled and any channel selection as well
    • if "apply Filter Header Tag" is selected -> "ALL Channels" is disabled and any channel selection as well
    • if a channel is selected -> select "ALL Channels" is disabled and "apply Filter Header Tag" is disabled as well.
    • And in case of loading bias, darks & dark flats or their Masters, "All Channels" will be selected by default.
  • FIXED, CFA DATA CALIBRATION, in case of CFA data where the image dimensions were uneven for FITS, TIFF & JPG frames, calibration did not work. This is now fixed.
  • IMPROVED, GUI PreView Filter, several optimizations are made in loading images into the preview filter. The zoombuttons on the sliders were triggered while loading new images and DDP preset stretches which caused a delay in loading the images. This will no longer happen. The progressmonitor while loading images will now popup above the image viewer with a small delay.
  • FIXED, Preview Filter, a minor bug was solved. On some images, APP made a huge overstretch, with the auto DDP preset stretches, of the data showing a complete white screen. This should no longer happen.
  • IMPROVED, LICENSE & Activated Computers, all license types (Trial, Renter, Owner, Beta) can be used and activated on 3 separate computers. You can now control the computer activations from within APP. If you click on the top left LICENSE button (used to be INFO button). You will see all relevant license information.: You can enter a new license code if needed. You can see which computers are activated with the license if your computer is online. And you can de-activate activated computers if you are online, with separate buttons.
LicenseInformation Activated Computers
LicenseInformation Activated Computers crop
  • IMPROVED, OPENGL initialization, on some computers the OpenGL image viewer was not activated, allthough OpenGL drivers were available on the computers. The OpenGL initialization has been improved to do more scanning of the OpenGL capabilities of the machine. First, a hardware enabled OpenGL profile will be forced. If that fails, which it does on some machines, it will simply try to use the best available OpenGL profile on the system without checking if it's hardware enabled.
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