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Script to Auto Process all 6 Steps / Tabs  


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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February 3, 2019 13:33  

Is it possible to automatically run through all 6 processing tabs with one command or script with default settings or standards settings that I have been using, after you load your images ?  I often use the same settings and it would be great if you didn't have to stop at each step, particularly for a lot of images that take a lot of time for each step.

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Main Sequence Star Customer
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February 3, 2019 18:34  


Not a script, but you can try this : load all your pictures (lights, darks, bias and flats), set all the parameters you want in each tab, then click the integrate button 6th tab.

And let APP works 😉


Hydrogen Atom Customer
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February 4, 2019 03:39  

Thanks!  I like APP even more.

Quasar Admin
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February 11, 2019 22:35  

Hi @power1001

Thank you for your question and welcome to the forum 😉

Thank you @dav78 for your assistance.

Indeed, set all settings and click on Integrate in 6) 😉 !

Kind regards,


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