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Flat Dark Calibration Problem  


Red Giant Customer
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December 7, 2018 20:32  

APP won't apply my matching dark flats to my flats, says I have to have a bias or matching dark flats. I took my dark flats at the same time as my flats and with the same gain, temperature and exposure lengths. Here's the message

CRITICAL WARNING: flat-field calibration can not be performed correctly!

To be able to perform accurate flat-field calibration,
the provided flats need to be calibrated by either

- a MasterBias, of the same ISO/gain value as the flat frame, or
- a MasterDarkFlat of the same ISO/gain value and the same exposure time as the flat frame, or
- both

Hydrogen Atom Customer
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December 27, 2018 14:44  

Yes, I have the same problem.